Save time and money
on your HR administration

Want to spend less time and money on your HR administration? You can do that with the various HR information systems we offer: Nmbrs, Daywize and Dyflexis. We help you explore which HR system best aligns with your requirements. These systems provide more efficient management of your HR administration through automated workflows. After approving a leave request, an automatic confirmation is sent to the employee and the remaining leave is immediately adjusted in your payroll records. Moreover, our systems provide you with useful, clear reports, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Why opt for an HR system?

Manage your HR administration more efficiently

With a good HR system, you can easily manage all data relating to your employees: from the employment start date to the exit interview. You manage all information for each employee in one clear file. Core tasks, such as keeping track of leave and sickness absences, are performed faster thanks to automated workflows.

Take your employees’ leave, for example: your employee requests leave through the HR system by entering the type of leave, dates and an explanation. The request is immediately sent to the manager as a notification, who approves the request. The employee then receives an automatic confirmation email and the remaining leave is adjusted in your payroll records straight away. This saves you time on processing and providing feedback and ensures that all information is quickly available online and in one place. This means you will never have to enter the same information twice, personalise and send letters or mails manually or pass on changes. This is very useful if you regularly hire new employees, as the system ensures that the entire application process runs efficiently.

Clearer reports and useful notifications

Want to see at a glance how things are going in terms of salaries, holidays and sickness absences within your organisation? Or want to know in advance which employees will leave over the coming years as they reach retirement age? An HR system dashboard gives you direct access to all important data. It also allows you to quickly create clear, useful reports that give you the information you need in order to make informed decisions. You will also receive notifications on time when you need to take action, for example when contracts are going to expire, when employees are on long-term sick leave (and the related costs) and when leave requests need to be approved. This helps you stay in control of your staff with less effort required on your part.

Access to your hr administration using an app

Our HR systems are very easy to use for both the employer and the employee. Employees can update their own personal information and submit requests through a clear portal. For employers, all data can be accessed through the portal on your computer or through a useful app for your tablet and phone. This means you always have up-to-date HR information and you can approve absence and leave requests on your phone.

What can you do with a good HR system?

  • Manage all employee data across the entire career cycle with time-saving workflows for holiday, absence and progression cycles within one system.
  • Through a direct link with your other systems for payroll management, for example, we take a lot of work off your hands and offer you extra information. Changes are implemented immediately in all systems.
  • Clear figures and HR reports on your workforce in order to support strategic decision-making – both now and in the future.
  • Through an online portal, you can perform routine tasks remotely in just a few simple steps, such as creating staff planning and approving absence and leave requests. Moreover, you will be able to access all important HR data any time, anywhere.

A better understanding with an advisor

Choosing the right HR system for your business and setting it up is custom work. We offer you the necessary support in making these decisions and provide an optimal solution by establishing a link with your existing systems. In consultation with you, we will set up a clear dashboard containing the information that is important to you. You will also have a permanent advisor that you can turn to with all your questions. They will be there to monitor in the background, flag up anything out of the ordinary, provide explanations and offer solutions. This combination of technology and a personal approach ensures that we can be a sounding board for you as an employer. If you wish, we can also take care of your administration for you, on a permanent or temporary basis, or work with you in the system on request.

To do this, we work together with partners including Nmbrs, Daywize and Dyflexis.

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