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Are you considering selling your business? Do want to protect your assets from risk? Do you own real estate? Is your company growing or contracting? Do you have different commercial properties in a limited company? Or do you make a lot of profit? These can all be reasons to consider restructuring your organization.

Ondernemer & Privé Totaalbouw Zeeland

What our clients say

"When I started to focus on a different market five years ago, my dedicated advisor at Moore DRV felt that the company still depended too much on me. Whenever I went on holiday or fell sick, nothing would come in. He advised me to build a brand and opt for a different corporate structure with a physical location and a team around me. Looking back now, I’m very grateful for his advice and support. Any firm of accountants could take care of my tax returns, but Moore DRV provides advice that has a real impact on my company and me, and I don’t even have to ask for it. Moore DRV are eager to think along with the client, and that's really important to me."

Ronald van der Hart - Totaalbouw Zeeland

Tailor-made restructuring

You need guidance to achieve the optimum structure for your organization that matches your wishes and requirements. Our advisors will give you customized advice and help you implement the chosen structure. You can also rely on us to liaise with the Tax Administration and the notary to ensure that the restructuring delivers an optimum fiscal and legal structure.

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Mariëlle Spuijbroek LL.M. RB

Partner and tax advisor

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