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Maintaining good salary, staff and HR records is a time-consuming task for many entrepreneurs. However, you can save a lot of time by using the right software packages, and especially when they are linked. In addition to your administration, there are often other matters that affect staffing levels. These may be things outside of your own area of expertise, such as dismissal, absences and many other HR and tax issues. Our payroll administrators will ensure that your payroll records are always in order and bring in the right specialists within our organisation when necessary. You can rest assured that your staff matters are always in order.

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What our clients say

"As a business owner, you need to keep on innovating. You can only do that if you receive the right information from the right people and work with partners who take things off your hands. Moore DRV helps us by taking care of the payroll administration, which saves us a huge amount of time. They also have in-house specialists who can advise on specific staffing matters such as dismissal. They can give you very practical help!"

Frank van Akkeren - Orangerie Mattemburgh

Your staff and payroll records automated and fully transparent

Nmbrs (Salaris Online) is a user-friendly package that takes a lot of work off your hands through smart links with your systems. It also provides instant information about key data through clear dashboards. The tool can be linked to a staff planning tool for example. When you make changes to your staff planning or schedule in the tool, the changes are automatically implemented in your payroll records as well. At the end of each month, all you need to do is approve the automatically registered hours and these hours worked will be registered in the system. This is just one of the many benefits that this comprehensive staff and payroll package has to offer. Moore DRV offers:

  • An online staff file (for both employee and employer).
  • Integrated leave and absence registration.
  • Reminders for employment termination dates, birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Automatic calculations for various matters such as travel costs, lease cars, the work-related costs scheme and salary split for cross-border workers.
  • Dashboards containing important data and events and up-to-date management reports.


Information and control over your administration

Through links with financial packages, staff planning, occupational health and safety (OSH) services, insurance policies, pensions and HRM systems, all information is clustered in one clear environment. This automates workflows, saves you a lot of manual work and keeps you up to date with the developments within your organisation. Moreover, our advisors work with you, flag up anything out of the ordinary using many different types of data and offer explanations, solutions and options.

Each year, Moore DRV supplies more than

288,000 Payslips
49.000 Payroll tax returns
1.500 Employment contracts
300 Establishment agreements

Advantages of outsourcing your payroll administration

Outsourcing your payroll administration can be an interesting option for both small and large SME entrepreneurs. Our payroll administrators take care of payslips and payroll tax returns and ensure correct payment of premiums and taxes. You do not need to worry about the continuity and quality of the payroll administration: these matters are guaranteed at Moore DRV. We can also take care of your payroll administration on a temporary basis, for example in the event of illness or during busy periods such as holidays. Prefer to do some aspects of payroll administration yourself online? That is also an option.


Nmbrs (Salaris Online) with one designated contact

At Moore DRV, you have one designated contact with experience and expertise based at a branch near you. You can get in touch with your contact about your questions at any time. The advisor is personally involved in your business, meaning they can act quickly in the event of changes to CLAs or in matters relating to employment law, for example. Your payroll advisor will also contact you in person about important changes in the law, current regulations and key focus areas that we identify in your records.

What you can expect from us

  • Considerable time and cost savings.
  • Proactive identification of developments and opportunities, with advice on how best to respond.
  • Streamlined payroll administration based on up-to-date knowledge of regulations and rules.
  • Experienced registered payroll advisors who work with you, provide positive feedback and respond to your questions quickly.
  • Efficient coordination between our departments if you are already a Moore DRV client.

Online payroll information for you and your staff

As a business owner, you have your own portal where you can view your payroll records. Here, you can consult all documents online, including payslips and annual income statements. Employees also receive login details for their own digital staff file containing these documents. Both the business owner and the employee can access these at any time through a useful app.


Full support with your HR policy

In addition to managing your payroll records, our advisors will also support you in other areas if required. At Moore DRV, HR advisors, tax specialists, payroll advisors and administrators work in close collaboration. We can support you by:

  • Providing information about remuneration options, drafting employment terms and payroll tax returns.
  • Advising on and supporting you with absences, dismissal and other employment law issues.
  • Preparing pro forma calculations.
  • Supporting you with good HR policy, sustainable employability and more.
  • Providing management reports using clear dashboards.

More information about Moore DRV’s payroll administration

To find out more about how Moore DRV can support you with your payroll administration or if you have a question, leave your contact details here and we will contact you without obligation.

Febbe de Blaeij RPP

Advanced Payroll Administrator

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