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Securing a grant can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process that involves much more than just submitting your application. Choosing the scheme that is right for your business, duly preparing your application and keeping detailed project records are key to the success of your grant application.

Application process

Want to find out whether you are eligible for a subsidy or grant? Our grant scan can help. All you have to do is answer a few short questions and we can tell you what your options are. After you have taken the scan, our team of specialists will contact you as soon as possible. If you want us to submit your grant application, the team will walk you through the terms governing the scheme in question. They will then prepare and submit the application for you. We can also provide additional services after the grant has been awarded. These would include issuing a report to the grant provider or offering support during audits.

Our services will always be tailored to your particular requirements and needs. You can choose to have our advisers support you throughout, or just during phases of, the process.

Steps in the application process

  • Identifying potential grant opportunities.
  • Preparing and discussing an advisory report and choosing a strategy.
  • Preparing and submitting the application.
  • Reviewing the grant decision.

Most popular grants and incentives

The Dutch government offers a large number of grants and incentives to help companies with innovative products or technologies move forward. That said, the road to securing a grant tends to be full of obstacles. We can help you navigate the maze of Dutch grant and subsidy schemes.

Some of the more popular schemes are:

  • Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)
  • Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and Arbitrary Depreciation of Environmental Investments Facility (VAMIL)
  • Research & Development Grant (WBSO)
  • Innovation Box
  • Renewable Energy Production Incentive (SDE++)
  • Renewable Energy Investment Grant (ISDE)
  • SME Innovation Incentive for Regional and Top Sectors (MIT)
  • Dual Learning Grant

Need help with your grant application?

For more information about how Moore DRV can help you secure a subsidy or grant, please leave your contact details here and we will reach out to you for a no-obligation consultation.

Tim Kortekaas

Grant & innovation specialist

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