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Calculating and offsetting VAT looks easier than it is. Do you know precisely when a VAT exemption applies? Do you know which VAT rate you are supposed to charge? Does your administration comply with all VAT rules? Do you make adjustments for private use? These typical VAT issues require advice tailored to your business and situation.

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What our clients say

"When we work on projects in Germany, we normally bring our own materials. We aren't required to pay any VAT on those materials in Germany. However, the last time we were working in Germany and wanted to buy materials we needed, we discovered we were in fact required to charge and remit VAT. We thought that we could sort the matter out easily, but we had to come up with a mountain of evidence. In the end, it was sorted thanks to Moore DRV's focused communication with the German tax authorities. That's the great thing about our working relationship: Moore DRV know us extremely well, takes care of our needs in all kinds of areas, and brings in the right specialists where necessary."

Bart Friederichs - Technisch Buro West-Brabant

We have VAT experts on hand to provide appropriate advice for all your VAT questions. Our VAT advisors are conversant with Dutch and foreign VAT laws and regulations and are always abreast of the latest developments and changes in the field of taxation.

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Henk van Assen LL.M.

Tax advisor and VAT specialist

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