Digitising your invoices

Processing all your invoices quickly and efficently

Do you currently scan or take a photograph of incoming and outgoing invoices and enter them directly into your accounting system? You can do this with DRV Facturen: an online application in a secure environment. You can check invoices pending your approval through the app in a few simple steps. Your administration is arranged in no time, and you are always to date! This is very useful if you want to have clear information about your business.

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What our clients say:

"As a business owner, I also want to have a smart bookkeeping system. Moore DRV helps me with that. The DRV Online portal helps me approve invoices online, make payments and check financial statements, tax returns and payslips quickly and easily. We do as much of the administration as possible online, including our invoicing. Paper invoices are no longer part of our process! Since everything is in one place online, we no longer need to spend hours endlessly flicking through folders to find the right document. I still have a small cabinet containing paperwork, but I will be glad when that can go too!"

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DRV Facturen: the advantages

Purchase and sales invoices emailed to your accounting system

You could take your accounts with invoices and receipts to your accountant, who will then process them in your accounting system. However, this process could be much simpler. With DRV Facturen, you can scan your invoices and send them to your accounting system. If you already receive invoices from your suppliers digitally, you can of course email them directly to your accounting system.

A photo of your invoice in your accounting system

If you receive a paper invoice in the post, you can first scan it and then send it by email. Alternatively, you can use the DRV Facturen app. Take a photo of the invoice and place it directly in your accounting system.

Your invoices and receipts: up-to-date information and storage

All your invoices and receipts are stored in the cloud, where you can access them wherever and whenever you wish.

Extend to our total approach Pro:

  • Automated administrative processes.
  • A tailored solution that links financial and operational systems.
  • Constant access to your information on a single dashboard.
  • Up-to-date information to help you make decisions.
  • A financial director: an accountant who is there to monitor in the background, provide relevant advice and consult with other specialists where necessary.

More information about DRV Facturen?

Would you like to know more about DRV Facturen or our comprehensive approach Pro? Please leave you contact details and we will contact you.

Martin Witt MSc RA

Partner and accountant

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