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Time-saving solutions specifically for the catering industry

As an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, you know better than anyone what hard work it is. Especially with the huge shortage of staff at the moment. You want to spend as little time as possible on admin but still with full insight into your finances, and to plan as efficiently as possible. As an accountant with extensive experience of hospitality, leisure and tourism, Moore DRV can help with time-saving solutions and specialist know-how specific to your situation.

The advantage of a experienced horeca accountant

  • We know which administrative software best suits your business.
  • We offer customized solutions to integrate your financial and operational systems, so that you waste less time on unnecessary administration.
  • With a large portfolio of comparable clients, we can provide you with good benchmarks.
  • Thanks to an easy-to-use dashboard with proactive signalling, you have full insight into your business around the clock.
  • We alert you to VAT and other tax benefits for the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry.
  • We charge a fixed monthly fee, payable by direct debit.

Spend less time on admin

You want to concentrate upon your work in the kitchen, front of house, planning and supplies, not unnecessary paperwork. Moore DRV is happy to help. We can supply you with useful systems and links, or even take your entire administrative workload off your hands.

How exactly does that work? You approve purchase invoices for payment using an app, after which we process them. You can then finalize and make the payments at the push of a button. Thanks to a link with your till system, you cash up almost instantly and the day’s takings are booked straight away. If this link is not possible, we have a number of affordable alternatives.

You create invoices electronically, and they are recorded immediately so that your books are always up to date. Your client receives reminders automatically when payment is due. And your accountant chases up late payers, relieving you of another chore at busy times.


Full insight into your finances

Moore DRV converts all the raw data from your invoices, till system, payroll administration and other sources into reliable, clear financial information: turnover per product group, changes to your staffing costs, your cashflow situation, your performance against your budget and/or previous periods, performance by location and so on. In this way you always keep a grip on your business and can focus upon what you are good at: giving your guests a great experience.


Help with financing

If you have ambitious plans, what sources can you turn to for financial backing? Hospitality is notorious as a sector in which it can be difficult to obtain credit from the mainstream banks. As a result, many exciting and distinctive start-ups fall at the first hurdle and even healthy, well-established businesses can face difficulties. Securing finance is often a matter of tapping several different sources, each with its own rules. Just making the applications can be complex and very time-consuming. We are here to help you complete them successfully, so that you can concentrate upon the many other aspects of starting your own hospitality business.

Horeca accountant column orangerie Mattemburgh

What our clients say

"As a business owner, you need to keep on innovating even though you lack the time. This is only possible if you work with partners who can take care of your needs. Moore DRV helps us to make constant adjustments based on the financial and payroll records they keep for us, and that saves us a huge amount of time. I regularly receive messages about my purchasing margins and about matters I need to pay attention to. That's what I like about Moore DRV: they draw our attention to all kinds of processes and tell us specifically how to respond. And by doing this, their accountants save us more money than they charge."

Frank van Akkeren - Orangerie Mattemburgh

Support for hospitality entrepreneurs

Would you like to learn more about the value Moore DRV can add for you in the area of hospitality, recreation and tourism? Leave your contact information here and we will contact you.

Martin Witt MSc RA

Partner and accountant

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VAT and tax benefits

Naturally, you want to take advantage of any tax benefits available to you as an entrepreneur in hospitality, leisure or tourism. Our tax specialists are there to ensure you make the best fiscal arrangements for your business. And to help with practical matters, such as the tax rules for tips, how to calculate the VAT on alcohol, how sales tax works in your sector and where you can make cost savings.


Flexible staffing

Especially in busy periods, the current staff shortage can be a real hindrance. That makes it vital that you can plan shifts quickly and efficiently. A good rostering system is indispensable. It shows you at a glance when staff are available and how to deploy them in the most cost-efficient way. We have a great software package, Dyflexis, which does all this and also links to your payroll system (we can integrate other packages such as Linda or Nostradamus, too). This allows you to create and share an availability-based rota quickly and easily. You always know exactly how many hours each member of staff is scheduled to work and how many they actually do. That information is fed directly to your payroll system, where their electronic pay slips are generated automatically. All you then have to do is transfer the money!

Drawing upon your data and our experience in the hospitality industry, we can also advise you on staffing matters. Are you entitled to any wage subsidies? How much leave has been taken? Are you compliant with the industry agreement? And are you managing your contracts effectively?


Specialist team for expert advice and know-how

At Moore DRV, hospitality, leisure and tourism entrepreneurs find practical solutions for their business challenges. Our customer base is extensive: we serve campsites, restaurants, cafés, leisure centres and caterers throughout the southwestern Netherlands. To provide them with the best possible service, we have created a specialist Hospitality and Leisure Team that combines out sector-specific knowledge with expertise in accountancy, payroll, tax, corporate finance, business performance, staffing and subsidies. Making us your one-stop local accountant and adviser for hospitality, leisure and tourism.