Quality & compliance

Quality guarantee

As an entrepreneur you need to be confident that reports, analyses and assignments will be delivered to a high standard. Moore DRV therefore operates in accordance with strict quality systems that are regularly assessed in internal and external reviews. We expect our accountants and advisors to demonstrate a professional, critical attitude that guarantees the quality of their work.

By constantly developing, deepening and disseminating their knowledge, the highly trained personnel at Moore DRV jointly deliver a high level of service. This has resulted in a licence to conduct statutory audit assignments under the Accountancy Organizations Supervision Act, a horizontal supervision agreement with the Tax and Customs Administration and our recognition as an educational establishment. In short, we are an accounting firm that stands for quality.


External auditors

Every year, our accountants perform over 400 audit assignments for larger family businesses and educational establishments. In statutory audits only external auditors are permitted to sign the auditor’s report. These auditors are registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets. The external auditor meets high demands in terms of professional skill, independence, objectivity and integrity.

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