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Continuous adjustment based on up-to-date information

As a business owner, you make decisions all day long. So that you can make these decisions, you need information that gives you immediate insight into your operations. Business Intelligence (BI) can help you do just that. BI stands for the smart use of data analysis and reporting software to gain good insight into your business operations. It allows you to make informed decisions based on data. Our committed consultants guide and advise you on the applicability of BI within your organisation. Together with you, we develop clear dashboards that meet your needs and provide up-to-date insight into reliable management information. This way, you will make the best choices to ensure your business remains on course!

What our clients say

"I think the dashboard of Moore DRV is really innovative. Among other things, you can track money flows or view monthly, quarterly or annual results at a glance using this handy overview made up of dials and indicators. For example, I made a very useful comparison that showed our income fell several percentage points in April and May. The reason for something like this can be identified immediately, and action can be taken where possible. This is how Moore DRV gives you more insight and control, which is exactly what you need as a business owner."

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Financial insight at any time

In your organisation, you record financial and operating data on several systems. Linking these systems for you and combining data creates a wealth of data. Our solutions help you translate this into useful management information that we then present in a clear dashboard, in line with your needs. So you have everything in one overview, anytime, anywhere.

Our consultants guide and advise you throughout the entire process: from selecting the software and defining the right KPIs, to developing the dashboards and training employees. This gives you a dashboard that matches your organisation’s strategic goals and allows you to make adjustments and keep control at all times.


Everything under control

With our dashboard and reports, you have everything under control. Convenient alerts keep you informed of abnormal figures. For example, you will gain insight into your working capital, your debtors and deviations from your budget. You can see at a glance which parts of the business processes are performing well and which processes require your attention. This enables you to identify opportunities and risks on time and make the best-informed decisions.

Benefits of reporting and dashboarding software

  • Automated administrative processes.
  • A tailored solution that links financial and operational systems.
  • Constant access to your information on a single dashboard.
  • Easy report creation.
  • Up-to-date information to help you make decisions.
  • An adviser who also looks at things, gives relevant advice and brings in specialists where necessary.

Signalling and proactive financial advice

Through your online dashboard, we also closely monitor developments in your business. For example, your turnover, stocks, staff costs and staff absenteeism. Our advisers identify areas where performance deviates from your forecast or targets and proactively inform you of these developments. Together with you, we search for explanations, work for with you on solutions and give practical advice. That way, you will not overlook any developments and you will be assured of the financial insight to make informed decisions about your business.


Getting more insight with an adviser

You may want to talk things through with an advisor – somebody who knows how your organisation is doing. A specialist who also looks at things, spots salient issues, offers explanations and solutions. Thanks to our Pro approach, a pair of eyes is always watching you. Whenever you have a question or want advice, your adviser is always up to date with the current situation in your business and can get straight to the point.


Want to get off to a good start with reporting and dashboarding software? We will be happy to help:

  • Package selection. Based on your requirements, we select the most suitable software, taking into account your current and future needs.
  • Setup. We direct the reports and dashboard for you based on your needs and requirements.
  • Consulting. We advise you on the application of dashboards and any process optimisations.
  • Rollout and training. Our consultants provide a detailed explanation when the dashboard is delivered. Should there be a more far-reaching need, we can also provide end-user training.

More information about dashboarding?

Would you like to know more about the benefits of financial insight with dashboarding and the support of Moore DRV? Please leave you contact details and we will contact you.

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