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The demand for healthcare will continue to grow in the coming years. An ageing population and increase in lifestyle diseases will be the reason. The government will consequently provide more money for healthcare. Nevertheless, businesses will have a hard time meeting the demand on account of the mounting personnel shortage. Moreover, they will often have to comply with many complex laws and regulations. As a healthcare entrepreneur, you therefore want an advisor who can strategize with you and who is familiar with the challenges in this sector.

The Health & Well-Being Sector Group knows your industry

Our health & well being client base includes current and former professional partners and members of medical specialist companies, dental and physiotherapy practices, family doctors, pharmacists, and small and medium sized healthcare institutions. We assist these businesses with very practical solutions, as well as with strategic challenges, such as acquisition of their practices.

This knowledge has been merged in the Health & Well Being Sector Group. We help to regulate everything concerning the tax laws and regulations in the best manner possible, ensure optimal cost control, design the accounting systems effectively and often join in as a discussion partner for business related issues. We also provide training on good business practices, discussing the tax, financial, legal and practical aspects of this.

To enable healthcare businesses to optimally take advantage of the potential savings available, the sector group regularly publishes an online magazine, filled with tax tips, grant opportunities and more.


Financial issues in the healthcare sector

The many developments in the sector mean that, as an entrepreneur, you have to take a critical look at your operations. How can you respond intelligently to the demand for healthcare without sacrificing quality and patient centeredness? Also, how much profit will you make from a particular treatment, while healthcare costs are going up? Are you better off trying to partner intelligently with other healthcare providers? Current insight into financial and operational data and a clear strategic vision for the future are indispensable here. We help you to structure your administration efficiently, so that you get the right insights, and we point out important signals to you.


Utilization of flex workers

You want to utilize your staff as efficiently as possible, certainly when qualified personnel are scarce. Dyflexis helps you with this. The schedule system allows you to schedule hours fast and easily, and a single overview shows you the differences between the scheduled hours and hours worked. Through a link with Moore DRV Salary Online, this data is automatically read in to your payroll administration. You always have an up to date, complete picture of the situation, and your accounting systems have been organized in a smart way.


Data & privacy

As a healthcare provider, you deal with privacy sensitive information every day. Of course, you don’t want to run the risk that personal data or other privacy sensitive information will be leaked or stolen. Are you sure, though, that you’re retaining patient data in accordance with the latest laws and regulations? And that you’ve taken the proper security measures? Moore DRV has specially trained employees who provide services regarding privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation and cybersecurity.


Transferring or starting a practice

Are you considering stopping your practice? You’ll be hit with a lot of issues in that case, and good preparation is crucial. Moore DRV has corporate finance advisors who specialize in finding the right match for your practice. We guide the acquisition process from beginning to end: from the value assessment to the negotiations. We also guide starting entrepreneurs who are about to commence their healthcare careers and who are beginning or have just begun their own practices.

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What our clients say

"My goal is to give care recipients back control. I do this by linking small care providers to clients who have contacted their municipality with a specific care request. In this context, transparency is crucial. Moore DRV contributes to this by issuing a mandatory auditor's opinion for the municipalities we work with. People from Moore DRV check each pot of money to make sure it was in fact spent on the client in question in order to help fulfil the specific care request within the specified time frame. If everything is in order, Moore DRV issues the opinion we need."

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Support for healthcare entrepreneurs

Would you like to learn more about the value Moore DRV can add for you in the area of health & well-being? Leave your contact information here and we will contact you.

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Director and accountant

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