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A business acquisition is not only a business matter. There is also an emotional side in transferring a company. The major interests at stake in this complex process demand an objective and critical assessment. We will ensure that all aspects of your business acquisition receive the right amount of attention at the right time.

Options in business acquisitions:

  • There are many ways to effect a full or partial change of owner in a business. The most common are:
  • Business transfer: full or partial transfer of assets and liabilities or shares to a purchaser.
  • Management buy-in: acquisition of ownership and management of a company by a party outside the organization.
  • Management buy-out: acquisition of ownership and management of a company by the incumbent management.
  • Merger: combination of assets and liabilities or shares of the companies and continuation of business activities under joint management.


The support process

A successful business acquisition requires active participation by all parties involved. We will devote specific attention to this during the support process. We will manage the entire business acquisition process and ensure that all those involved comply with their agreements in good time.

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