Cyber security and privacy

Cybersecurity against hacking, malware and data breaches

We are rapidly becoming a digital economy. Modern businesses process huge amounts of data so as to improve their commercial performance. Artificial intelligence is complementing our human capabilities. Despite all the opportunities these developments bring, there is increasing concern about their impact on cybersecurity and privacy. The big challenge for you as an entrepreneur is to strike the right balance between using data to improve your performance and compliance with laws and regulations like the GDPR. Find that balance and you are in prime position to exploit the opportunities available in your market segment, now and in the future.

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What our clients say

"These days, you need to be able to actively demonstrate that you handle personal data responsibly. And who could be better at demonstrating accountability than accountants? We worked with Moore DRV to create a framework with no fewer than 92 controls to guarantee data security. Moore DRV then carried out a successful ISAE 3000 GDPR audit. We can now demonstrate to our customers that we have proper security in place for personal data, and working safely online has become one of our USPs. Companies such as KLM now want to work with us because we able to offer that level of security."

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Safeguarding new business models with cybersecurity

Thanks to the exponential growth of e-commerce and data generation and use, new business models and opportunities to enter new markets are emerging all the time. Business processes can be made simpler, new markets opened up and huge cost savings can be made. The digital economy offers exciting opportunities to increase profitability. But good cybersecurity is an absolute precondition for success.


Strict privacy regulations: the GDPR

As well as all these new opportunities, there are also threats. Companies which are not properly protected run the risk of personal data and other sensitive information being leaked or stolen. Identity fraud is also on the rise. In response, the European Union has introduced stricter regulations to improve confidence in the digital economy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force in 2018 to safeguard personal information in particular. But are you compliant?


IT assurance and security

IT makes your business processes more effective and efficient, but at the same time you become increasingly dependent on IT. You need reliable systems to prevent loss of income, reputational damage and financial claims, so it is vital that you can have confidence in your information technology. Not only to ensure the continuity and quality of vital business processes, but also because of the high standards of transparency, IT governance and compliance you are required to observe.


Complete package of IT services

Our complete package of IT services helps you keep your data management and information technology under control, whether in-house or outsourced. We support you in maintaining that control by providing IT audit and security services tailored to the way you mitigate key risks within your organization. And we do so in a practical manner, consulting closely with you and your employees.


Specialist cybersecurity and privacy team

Our team of specialist IT auditors is at your service. They have extensive experience and knowledge of large, complex systems and organizations. Thanks to their unrivalled training and expertise, covering information security, data analysis, IT management and the harmonization of IT and business processes, they are ideally qualified to provide excellent advice and to conduct thorough IT audits. All their guidance and opinions are entirely independent.

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