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Using tax allowances to reduce your tax burden

You make decisions every day: complex, simple and drastic decisions. Many choices affect the tax you have to pay. Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing. Customised tax advice ensures that you are well informed, comply with the law and make optimum use of tax opportunities in order to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay. Nobody wants to pay too much tax!

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Saving tax

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What our clients say

"When my husband and I took over the flying school, it was a dream come true. But having a passion for flying isn't enough when it comes to running a business. For example, we have to deal with three different tax rates, and aircraft insurance and depreciation is a discipline in its own right. Moore DRV has provided us with excellent support. This included helping us discover we could make significant tax savings by registering aircraft in the UK."

Marcia Hendriks-Hoefnagels - Breda Aviation

Tailored tax advice

You want to consult a tax advisor who combines knowledge of tax laws and regulations with knowledge of your situation, both business and personal. An advisor who knows about your dilemmas and dreams and understands the implications of the various decisions you can make. An advisor who gives you sound advice on your tax options and ensures that you do not unexpectedly face high taxes.


Your tax advisor

You will find that tax advisor within our broad consultancy practice. Our tax advisors combine general knowledge with in-depth knowledge of an area tax law. Our expertise covers turnover tax, income tax, pensions, corporation tax, gift and inheritance tax, international tax legislation and financial planning. Through effective collaboration between your tax advisor and specialists, we offer you well-considered, coherent tax advice that fully aligns with your situation.

Why tax advise with Moore DRV?

  • You no longer have to worry about your tax affairs and can be sure that everything is correct.
  • We look at both your business and private interests. Now and in the future.
  • One fixed contact person who knows, understands and advises on your situation. In this way we ensure that you never pay too much tax.
  • Large number of specialists which we deploy when your situation calls for it.
  • Support for every moment of your career: from the start of your business to its transfer.

Tax support at any time

Moore DRV’s tax advisors can support you at any stage in your career. We can advise you on launching a business, growing a business or decisions you need to make for the future. That advice could concern the sale of your company or preparing and arranging your business transfer (within or outside of the family). Our tax advisors will also be happy to take care of your VAT return, the corporation tax return and withholding of payroll tax. No matter your situation, we will work with you to see how we can organise your tax matters as effectively as possible and reduce the tax you have to pay.


No retrospective checks through horizontal monitoring

Horizontal monitoring is a form of collaboration between the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, Moore DRV and our clients. That collaboration is based on transparency, honesty and trust. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration assesses returns submitted by us as ‘acceptable’. That stamp and not checking (retrospectively) puts your return into an accelerated processing route. It also means you know where you stand sooner!


Transferring your company

Our advice is always to start thinking in good time about passing on your company to the next generation, as proper, timely preparation can save you tax. We will examine your requirements and devise appropriate ways to transfer your company and assets tax-efficiently to your successors. Your advisor will take account of your situation and future plans.

MT 1000 - Best service providers ranking 2021

1 Place best company in the tax advice sector
2 Place best NPS score in the tax advice sector

Want tax advice or help with your tax return?

Would you like to learn more about the value Moore DRV can add for you in the area of tax consulting and tax advice? Leave your contact information here and we will contact you.

Dr Dirk van Dorsselaer LL.M.

Partner and tax advisor

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