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You will encounter difficult tax issues not only in your business but also in your private life. That includes your financial planning, for example. What arrangements need to be made in the event of a divorce and what should you think of before you die?

Financial planning

Sometimes you need an overall picture of your financial income and assets, for example because you want to give assets to your children or start working less.

We will draw up a statement of your current assets and a forecast of their future value, taking into account your income, future income and expenditure. We will discuss this financial planning report and assess the consequences and possibilities with you.



If you and your partner divorce, there will be tax consequences. Tax consequences will flow from the division of (self-administered) pension rights, the valuation of your company, the division of your assets or the purchase of a substantial equity interest from your partner. Your advisor will support you in analysing these consequences, so there is no unexpected negative impact on you.



After you die your relatives will also have to deal with the Tax Administration, because they will have to pay inheritance tax. You can take decisions during your lifetime that will reduce the inheritance tax bill for your relatives.

Important elements include drawing up a gift plan, writing your testament, the existence of any prenuptial agreement and the form of marriage. We therefore believe it is important that we regularly assess your testament in the light of the current situation and review it in the context of current laws and regulations.

We will help your relatives to complete the inheritance tax return and, if necessary, maintain contact with the notary and the Tax Administration.

In response to your questions, your advisor will provide suggestions and solutions in line with your wishes and preferences.

To provide comprehensive advice, your advisor will ensure that, where necessary or desirable, the right specialist is always on hand, for example to assist with:

  • Business valuations and transfers
  • Financial planning
  • Gift and inheritance tax

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