Dismissal of a staff member

Support with termination of employment contract

Occasionally, you may need to terminate an employment contract with an employee early for whatever reason. As an employer, you need to arrange various matters relating to employment law. For example, you have to make clear arrangements with the employee and put them in writing in the form of a termination agreement. You also need to inform the other employees, for example, and an exit interview may help clarify matters. Terminating an employment contract is often a time and energy-consuming process for employers. From an employment law perspective, there are also many risks when the contract termination process is not properly arranged. Our HRM advisors can assist you with this so that the process runs smoothly and correctly.

Each year, Moore DRV supplies more than

288.000 Payslips
49.000 Payroll tax returns
1.500 Employment contracts
300 Establishment agreements

We are happy to help you by:

  • Providing advice on terminating an employment contract.
  • Drawing up a termination agreement or guiding you through the UWV dismissal process.
  • Supervising dismissal interviews.
  • Supporting you with exist interviews with your staff.

Terminating an employment contract through the UWV dismissal process

In the event of redundancy for economic reasons, you may need to terminate the employment contract through the UWV process. In that case, certain requirements need to be met in order to obtain a dismissal permit.

In the event of unsatisfactory performance on the part of your employee, you need an extensive staff file before you can take legal action through the subdistrict court, for example. If you have not compiled a clear, transparent file for the employee in question, our HRM advisors will be able to advise you on this or support you with an improvement plan for your employee.


Good support with the dismissal process

Our HRM advisors can provide support with the entire (redundancy) process in the above situations. They can conduct interviews with your employees, set out the agreements made in the correct manner and apply for a dismissal permit, for example. It is only understandable that you will want to say goodbye in an appropriate manner. We can advise you on these matters and, together with our payroll advisors, draw up a financial overview specifying the costs involved in dismissal. If you wish, we can take care of the entire process, especially as it may be an emotional one, ensuring that it runs smoothly and correctly.

More information about dismissal

To find out more about how Moore DRV can support you with dismissal processdures or if you have a question, leave your contact details here and we will contact you without obligation.

Kim van de Kasteele LL.M.

Manager HRM

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