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Are your VAT records always compliant?

Calculating VAT might look simple since there are just two rates (i.e. the standard and the reduced rate), but in reality this task proves to be rather more complex. VAT is governed by a maze of rules, regulations and requirements as well as exceptions to the rules. As a business, you may find this difficult to navigate and distracting from your core business. Also, in the Netherlands, unintentional non-compliance with the rules is subject to a tax penalty of up to € 5,514. A VAT scan can help you avoid unwelcome surprises. It will give you insight into the level to which your business is in control of VAT compliance and where you might be able to achieve tax savings.

What is a VAT scan?

VAT is a complex form of tax that is often thought of as relatively straightforward. A VAT scan gives you a quick and easy overview of the risks your business faces. The scan also typically identifies tax saving options. Based on a questionnaire and an interview, we scan your VAT position and give you a concise run-down of our findings. If you want, we can help you address the identified risks and move forward on implementing the opportunities uncovered by the scan, including making adjustments to reduce the risk of supplementary tax assessments and penalties. This makes the VAT scan an excellent tool for controlling tax risks. Questions we will ask during the scan include:

  • Do you apply the correct VAT rates?
  • Do your invoices meet all relevant billing requirements?
  • Have you correctly calculated the adjustment for the exclusion of input tax or the adjustment for the private use of company cars?
  • Is input tax deducted correctly?
  • Is the reverse charge mechanism applied correctly?
  • What procedures do you have in place for foreign supplies of goods and services?

Benefits of a VAT scan

  • A clear picture of VAT-related opportunities and risks.
  • Assurance of compliance with VAT rules and regulations.
  • Lower risk of supplementary tax assessments and penalties.
  • Hands-on tips and tricks for optimising your VAT position.

Why would a VAT scan be useful for my business?

Every business stands to benefit from a VAT scan. This goes for businesses that engage in taxable transactions, but no less for businesses and institutions that make VAT-exempt supplies or that are fully or partially subsidised. Because of ever-changing rules and regulations, businesses are advised to check periodically whether their records and processes still meet the relevant requirements.

Every business is different, so our VAT scan will have a different impact every time. In performing a VAT scan, we will make allowance for the specific needs and challenges of your business.


How does a VAT scan work?

A VAT scan starts with an interview that will take 60 to 120 minutes. We prefer to come to you for the interview. During this session, we will ask targeted questions about your operations. We will also ask you to provide certain information (e.g. invoices) while we interview you.

After the interview, we will analyse the requested information and write up a report of our findings. We will sit down with you to discuss this report and help you decide which follow-up steps should be taken to mitigate the identified risks and capitalise on the opportunities we have uncovered.

Want to find out more about our VAT scan?

For more information about our VAT scan, please leave your contact details here and we will reach out to you for a no-obligation consultation.

Henk van Assen LL.M.

Tax advisor and VAT specialist

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