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As a business owner, you are aware of your income and expenditure. However, are you also aware of the longer term impact of your income and expenditure? How is your asset and income position expected to develop? Which risks and wishes do you need to factor in? For example, do you place enough importance on your pension or do you want to make a gift during your lifetime? In short: how do you view your future financial situation? Together with you, our advisors will look at your current and future situation and draw up an effective financial plan.

Which aspects do you need to consider in your financial plan?

  • How is your asset and income position expected to develop?
  • What if you become unfit for work or you die unexpectedly?
  • How would your death affect your next of kin's assets?
  • Is it sensible to start gifting your money during your lifetime in order to save inheritance tax later?
  • What are your wishes for retirement? How much capital do you need for that? And how do you make those savings?

Financial planning provides peace of mind

Financial planning provides a numerical overview of how life events and major future expenses will affect your financial position and liquidity position. This is because your liquidity position is at least as relevant as your financial position, as you may experience spending restrictions if your assets are not sufficiently liquid. Our advisors are here to assist you with optimal financial planning and personal advice tailored to your situation. For high-net-worth directors and major shareholders and private individuals, we also have our specialist team that operates under the name Zantboer & Partners.

More information about good financial planning

Dr Dirk van Dorsselaer LL.M.

Partner and tax advisor

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