Finding funding for
your business

Looking for funding?

You will need capital to make a large investment in your business or to acquire another business. We offer independent and transparent advice and can help you obtain funding at the most favourable terms.

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What our clients say

"In 2018, our restaurant underwent a major renovation. Moore DRV advised us on our financing options and made sure that the funding process went smoothly. Pieter Poortvliet made an in-depth study of our plans and created a forecast to assess the financial viability of our concept. We based our decisions on his calculations and we use his input as guidance to this day."

Frank van Akkeren - Orangerie Mattemburgh

Funding for your business

To obtain funding at favourable terms, you will have to convince potential lenders that your business is a profitable proposition. To do so, you will need an information memorandum. We can help you put together such a memorandum. In it, we will identify opportunities and threats, set out your financing requirements and present a forecast. We can contact potential lenders for you and help you negotiate the best possible terms for your loan.

We will support your funding by:

  • Determining your financing requirements.
  • Drawing up a forecast.
  • Advising on how to structure your funding.
  • Writing a robust information memorandum.
  • Contacting banks and/or other lenders.
  • Contacting private equity firms.
  • Negotiating the best possible terms.
  • Reviewing the legal documentation.

Specialist services for complex funding structures

Our accountants will typically provide these services. But when funding structures are complex, we will call in the specialists at Crossminds, an independent service provider that is a member of the Moore DRV network. Because the professionals at Crossminds are used to working with their colleagues at Moore DRV, they bring flexibility and speed to the process. Being part of the same network ensures consistency in service level and in the expertise you need to be successful.

Want to find out more about funding for your business?

For more information about obtaining funding and how we can help, please leave your contact details here and one of the Crossminds advisers will reach out to you.

Pieter Poortvliet

Director and advisor Crossminds

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