International structure

Doing business internationally

When you start doing business across borders, it is sensible to obtain good advice on the legal form that best suits your situation. If you already have a company structure in the Netherlands or abroad, you need to decide which entity to use to set up the new business and whether your existing business is being conducted through the right companies. To make the right choice, you need to be aware of the legal and tax pros and cons of the various business structures.

The right international structure

Various countries will want to levy tax on your international business activity, from income tax, turnover tax, payroll tax and social security, dividend tax and corporation tax through to transfer tax and import and customs duties. The question is which countries are actually permitted to levy tax and whether you have to contend with double taxation in your situation (possibly due to the choice of a particular structure). You may be able to take advantage of allowances and exemptions abroad or even grants and subsidies. How do you make sure you comply with all laws and regulations but at the same time optimize your tax burden? We will help you determine the right international structure for your business.


Adapting to changes

Once your international structure has been established, we will continue to assess it in the light of changes in laws and regulations in the various countries, in consultation with you. The same applies when changes take place within your company. The main point is that you need to keep the structure up to date, so you can continue to take full advantage of it. We will help you think through the opportunities and solutions and adapt the structure as necessary. This can often be done without incurring any tax.


Advice from an international network

We realize that legal and practical matters in the country where you want to do business are also important. Through our colleagues in the Moore Global network we can put you in contact with a reliable bank, a good notary or any other specialist you need. The tax and legal aspects relating to your choice of structure will be agreed with specialists in the relevant countries so that the effects can be considered from the perspective of each country. That means you will receive appropriate advice and come into contact with the right people who can help you ensure the success of your international business activities with the right structure.

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Dr Dirk van Dorsselaer LL.M.

Partner and tax advisor

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