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The transport sector is undergoing many changes. Economies of scale and mergers & acquisitions are the order of the day. But many smaller SMEs are also successfully carving out niche positions for themselves. The future looks bright as the accelerating economy continues to drive growth. Even so, transport & logistics remains a tricky market due to staff shortages and price pressures.

Our approach

  • We know what is going on in the transport sector and in your company, so we can give you targeted advice and spar with you.
  • By automating your administration, we help you gain more (financial) insight into your business and save time on your administration.
  • We help you with your tax matters and ensure that you make optimum use of the tax and subsidy opportunities for your transport or logistics company.
  • We help you obtain financing and assist you in acquisitions and collaborations.

Transport & Logistics Sector Group

Transport & Logistics entrepreneurs can turn to Moore DRV for practical solutions. Our clients in this sector encompass the entire SME sector, from large to small. To give our clients the best service possible, we have formed a dedicated Transport & Logistics Sector Group packed with sector-specific expertise in accountancy, tax advice, corporate finance, performance improvement, human resources and subsidies.


Accountants in transport & logistics

As a transport entrepreneur, accurate insight into current financial control factors is crucial. Price pressures, major staff shortages and growing complexities in the supply chain also require constant up-to-date insight to make the right decisions. Pro is a tool that helps you stay on top of your business. With Pro, we provide dashboards offering the correct management information based on highly efficient accounting. Depending on your specific needs, we collate financial and operational data. As part of Pro, your adviser is always monitoring your dashboard at a distance and flags up any issues that require your attention.


VAT and tax advantages

International transport entrepreneurs run up against a maze of tax rules. What, for instance, is the VAT situation when you import goods? Which labour laws apply to your international employees? And what payroll accounting requirements must you meet? Our tax experts help you achieve maximum tax efficiency based on your individual situation.

Moreover, Moore DRV is also a member of Moore Stephens International, an international network of independent accountancy firms. Together with these international partners, we offer entrepreneurs support with their cross-border activities.


Acquisitions within Transport & Logistics

To remain competitive, road and water transport companies continue to seek economies of scale. Transport entrepreneurs are joining forces to improve their efficiency. Moore DRV has Corporate Finance advisers who are specialized in finding the correct match between businesses. We support the entire M&A process from start to finish: from valuation to negotiation.

Accountant transport & logistiek referentie

What our clients say

"Our logistics solutions enable cost savings and provide added value. We want our suppliers to do the same, which is why we switched to Moore DRV a year ago. Besides handling our financial statements and tax returns, Moore DRV has already provided me with excellent financial and tax advice, on matters ranging from cost allocation to taxation within a group structure."

Arno Swagemakers - R. Swagemakers Transport B.V.

Support for entrepreneurs in transport & logistics

Would you like to learn more about the value Moore DRV can add for you in the area of transport & logistics? Leave your contact information here and we will contact you.

Aart Bunschoten RA

Director and auditor

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