Moore DRV works in the real economy. We feel a close connection with the southwest of the Netherlands, where we live and work, which is why we are a committed partner of a number of major events in this region. This means that we not only sponsor and participate in the events – but also contribute to their organisation.

Why do we sponsor?

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Local involvement

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Top performance

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Sporting employer

Sponsorship themes

We sponsor activities within three defined themes:

  • Sport: We encourage top performance in both business and sport. We see similarities between the two, as top performance is only possible if top quality is offered. We choose to sponsor running, cycling, football and golf events. Many of our employees are actively involved in these sports.
  • Knowledge: Our great strength is our in-house expertise. We want to share this knowledge with other business owners so that they can achieve the best results. This is the essence of our operations. We are very interested in initiatives where inspiration and knowledge sharing between business owners are the main priorities.
  • Culture and society: we are involved in the region in which we operate. The region benefits from a varied, attractive and active living environment. That is why we are happy to support initiatives that contribute to the cultural and social development of our residential and working area.


Sponsorship criteria

Moore DRV has drawn up a sponsorship policy that includes criteria for entering into a partnership. All sponsorship requests are assessed against these criteria. We have briefly outlined the key criteria below:

  • The sponsorship falls under one of the above themes.
  • The target group is located in the southwest of the Netherlands and includes business owners in the SME sector.
  • Sponsorship involves active involvement from Moore DRV in the project, club, organisation or association.
  • Moore DRV’s support for the activity is clearly and actively communicated.
Moore DRV sponsor lokale topevents

'The Singelloop is a home run for me'

"We support each other and also encourage each other to achieve the best result. Just like in my work as a tax advisor, I have a goal when I am running. I want to put in a good performance, and in order to do that you need to be a well-prepared, disciplined go-getter. That's why I'm aiming for a top performance in the Singelloop!"

Dirk van Dorsselaer - Partner and tax advisor

Which events do we sponsor?

Kustmarathon Zeeland

Moore DRV is a silver sponsor of KustMarathon Zeeland (Coastal Marathon Zeeland). The marathon is known as the toughest, most beautiful marathon in the Netherlands. Moore DRV is involved in the organisation and actively contributes to the event by participating in the various sections.


Singelloop Breda

Moore DRV is a main sponsor of the Bredase Singelloop (Breda Canal Run). Moore DRV wants to make an active contribution to the event by getting involved, collaborating and participating in the run.


Moore DRV Beach Event Roosendaal

Each year in July, the Moore DRV Beach Event Roosendaal takes place on Oude Markt in Roosendaal. As the main sponsor of this event since 2017, Moore DRV wants to show its local involvement. Moore DRV is the namesake of Beach Event Roosendaal and is clearly visible with a large number of banners and flags. In addition to its visibility on the sidelines, Moore DRV is also present in the field. That is why we participate each year with two teams in the business tournament and we sponsor two teams during the main tournament.

Constant challenges

We challenge employees to fulfil their potential: to develop into new positions, take on responsibilities, carry out fantastic assignments and participate in various sporting events that we sponsor. At Moore DRV, colleagues are given the opportunity to work on their development, try things out and to showcase themselves. Initiative is highly valued and rewarded.

Personal challenges as well

Moore DRV employees look for challenges in both their work and personal lives. It's something we understand very well and is one of the reasons why we sponsor various sporting events such as the Singelloop, Harbour Run and KustMarathon. We encourage top performance in both business and sport. That is why many colleagues participate in these events, of course our own Moore DRV sportswear!

Sponsorship application

Want to submit a sponsorship application? You can do this using the contact form.

The application should include a description of the activity, why Moore DRV is a suitable sponsor, what is expected of Moore DRV as a sponsor, the considerations, whether there are other sponsors and the target group for the sponsored activity.

Based on the application and the criteria mentioned above, we will assess whether the project is eligible for sponsorship and whether we can offer support within the available budgets.

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