What are your financing options?

Gaining an insight into your financing options

Business owners in the real economy are growing, and growth requires capital. However, obtaining a business loan can be difficult and time-consuming. As your accountant, we want to accelerate and simplify that process. That’s why we offer you the LoanStreet app, which you can use to arrange your financing quickly and inexpensively.

A business loan with the best conditions

The LoanStreet app was designed in order to help business owners get business loans with the best conditions. The key words are faster, easier and cheaper. The app provides information about your business’s credit rating based on your accounting records. You will immediately see which lender will grant you a business loan.

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Valuable financial information

The app is built on knowledge of the financial world, software and risk models. Data from your accounting records is converted into information about your financial situation. This data indicates how promising a financing application is and how you can increase your chance of success. The dashboard containing that information is relevant and valuable for all business owners. Even if you do not currently have a specific financing requirement, the dashboard is a good addition to your management information.


Secure connection with Exact Online

LoanStreet is a secure cloud solution, just like Exact Online. We will establish a link between Exact Online and LoanStreet and ensure that the data from your accounting records is then converted into management information on a dashboard.

Veilige koppeling met Exact Online

Loan arranged within a few days

The loan application process is described in detail on the LoanStreet website. In short, it works as follows. LoanStreet immediately shows you which institutions would grant you funding. If you have a good credit rating, you can submit your application directly through the system to several reliable lenders. Some of those lenders will make you an offer within a few days.

In order to assess your application, some lenders will ask for supporting documents such as:

  • Your financial statements
  • Your income tax returns
  • A valuation report and/or a rental agreement (in the event of immovable property)
  • A business plan (if necessary)

We can help you with providing these supporting documents.



We offer you the opportunity to use LoanStreet free of charge. We then create the link to your accounting records in Exact Online and set up your dashboard. That is also part of our service. We only charge a fee if you would like a consultation as a result of the dashboard or if you require documents for the credit application.

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