Create simple scenarios based on your accounting records

Follow trends closely

As a business owner, it is important that you closely monitor developments relating to your business, and even plan ahead a little. This avoids surprises and ensures you can anticipate the future in good time. You do this through scenario planning: identifying plausible scenarios and their consequences. However, coming up with scenarios is usually a time-consuming task. To this end, we have developed a useful, reliable scenario planning tool. In just a few clicks, the tool helps you work out reliable scenarios based on your figures from recent years. This makes it easy for you to plan ahead and always make the best decisions.

Scenarioplanning in coronatijd

What our clients say:

"In order to prepare for various options during the coronavirus crisis, we use the scenario planning tool in our dashboard. There, we can adjust the expected turnover and the fixed and variable costs and make direct comparisons. For example, we can view at a glance what the financial consequences are off laying off staff and what our cash flow situation will look like."

Jasmijn Plettenburg - De Ruiter Catering

Five advantages of scenario planning for your business:

  • Various scenarios worked out for your business in a few simple steps.
  • Customised scenarios based on your own accounting records.
  • You can create forecasts based on previous periods in no time.
  • You can focus on the KPIs that are important for your business.
  • A committed accountant will be there to monitor in the background and spar with you about the future.


Planning ahead with your company during the coronavirus crisis

Many business owners have been and are being hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. This leads to uncertainty and questions for many business owners. How is the NOW scheme currently affecting the result, for example? What should you be doing now to make a return and replenish the reserves? These are just a few of the questions on the minds of many business owners, and which can be answered with the help of scenario planning. By actively developing scenarios, you can better prepare your organisation for an uncertain future.

Please note: a scenario is not a prediction of the future, but it does give an idea of the consequences of potential future events.

Benefits of our approach

  • Automated administrative processes.
  • A tailored solution that links financial and operational systems.
  • Constant access to your information on a single dashboard.
  • Up-to-date information to help you make decisions.
  • A financial director: an accountant who is there to monitor in the background, provide relevant advice and consult with other specialists where necessary.

Create scenarios based on your accounting records

The basis of our scenario planning tool is your current online accounting records. Your records allow you to estimate the expected income and costs based on your figures from the previous few years. You can adjust the expected turnover and the fixed and variable costs yourself, and make comparisons based on specific decisions. For example, what are the financial consequences over a longer period of time of having to lay off part of your workforce? And what about your liquidity requirements look like in a few months’ time? By being able to make adjustments and see the result immediately, you save yourself a lot of time. It also ensures that you are more inclined to actually plan ahead and monitor your progress. That results in you more structure, focus and control over your business.


Monitor your result using scenario planning

Once the various scenarios have been created, it is important that you constantly monitor your performance. Is everything going as expected, or are you in danger of spiralling towards the worst-case scenario? Which steps can you take to get your business back on track? By closely monitoring the updated figures on your regular dashboard, you know exactly which things are going well and which things could be improved.

You have your latest figures and saved scenarios all in one dashboard

Our scenario planning tool is offered as standard on our financial dashboard, which we customise for you at no additional charge. The dashboard shows you at a glance which parts of the business processes are performing well and which processes require your attention. You can receive overviews of your liquidity, margins and staff costs. In order to provide you with up-to-date figures and reliable scenarios, we are also happy to help you digitise and automate your accounting system as much as possible. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to your administration and ensures you are always up to date.

More information about creating scenarios?

Would you like to know more about creating scenarios based on your accounting records or our comprehensive approach Pro? Please leave you contact details and we will contact you.

Martin Witt MSc RA

Partner and accountant

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