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Do you have an innovative idea and require financial support and advice?

For forward-looking entrepreneurs and organizations, finance can be obtained from a wide range of government and semi-public bodies. The large number of development schemes change constantly, as do the associated rules. It is therefore very likely that there will be attractive funding schemes available of which you are not yet aware. The advisors at Moore DRV Subsidie Advies (Grant Advice) will draw your attention to these and guide you through the funding options available.

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What our clients say

"We recently relocated to a new building simply because we had run out of space. Right from the outset we implemented a sustainable solution in our new building, which enables us to capture the heat emitted by the refrigerators and use it to heat the office. We had to make a substantial investment, for which we were able to obtain a subsidy. Moore DRV looked into subsidies for us and took good care of all the subsidy applications on our behalf. That worked really well and saved us a lot of time!"

Barry Murre - Murko Seafood

Grant advice for entrepreneurs

With our long-standing knowledge and experience we are fully conversant with the current offering and able to look beyond standard funding schemes. We also focus on tax savings and financing possibilities. As a result of our genuine interest in you and your organization, we can easily put you in touch with development schemes that can help you realize your investment projects and innovation plans. We will relieve you of many of the worries by taking care of the entire funding process, from the initial exploration of grant opportunities through to the actual application. That will reduce the time you need to spend on the funding process and enable you to devote the hours to your own business.

The advantages of our approach

  • Because of our personal approach, we know what is going on or about in your company, and we point out opportunities that you yourself had not (yet) seen.
  • We look not only at subsidies, but also at tax savings and financing possibilities. That way, you can make the most of your opportunities in all areas.
  • Wij kijken niet alleen naar subsidies, maar ook naar belastingbesparingen en financieringsmogelijkheden. Zo kunt u uw kansen op alle gebieden optimaal benutten.
  • We can take care of the entire subsidy process for you, so that you don't have to spend too much time on it.
  • The turnaround time of your subsidy process is considerably shorter when we assist you in this, so that you receive your money sooner.

What are the most common grant schemes?

The government provides a large number of grant schemes and other development measures. As an entrepreneur you know that the government will provide funding to help innovative businesses with new products/technologies. But in practice it is still difficult to arrange. Moore DRV Subsidie Advies (Grant Advice) will be pleased to guide you through the potential funding sources. Below we explain a number of popular schemes, such as:

  • Research & Development Promotion Act
  • Energy Investment Allowance
  • Environmental Investment Allowance and Discretionary Depreciation of Environmental Investments
  • Sustainable Energy Incentive Scheme
  • Sustainable Energy Investment Subsidy
  • SME Innovation Promotion for Regions and Top Sectors
  • Practical Learning Subsidy Scheme
  • Innovation Box
  • Subsidieregeling Duurzame Inzetbaarheid

More information about grant advice

Interested in the value Moore DRV can add for you in the area of grant consulting? Leave your contact information here and we will contact you.

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