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Accountant in Sliedrecht

One of Moore DRV’s offices is located in Sliedrecht, along the A15 motorway. This is one of our medium-sized offices within our service area of the southwest of the Netherlands. This accounting office in Zuid Holland employs experienced accountants who will be pleased to meet you.


How can your accountant in Sliedrecht help you?

In order to achieve maximum results with your business, you need to have the right management information at your disposal. Your accountant in Sliedrecht will provide you with this information. You can view your figures at any time and any noteworthy matters in the dashboard are immediately shared with you by our accountant in Sliedrecht. This allows you to spot opportunities on time and make proactive business decisions.

We can also help you by preparing and auditing financial statements and taking care of your bookkeeping, payroll administration, other forms of administration and tax returns. Lastly, we offer you a wide range of expertise that will help you on your way at a particular time or in a specific situation. Your advisor or accountant in Sliedrecht can, for example, support you with a business acquisition, a subsidy application, improving your business performance, optimising your workforce or directing your private assets.


Customised support for SMEs in Sliedrecht

We support countless companies – from sole traders to large family businesses – in managing their administration and tax matters. We have been doing so for over 100 years and would be happy to help you. Our services are often customised so that we can take care of everything for you and spar with you on a regular basis. However, you can still continue to do part of your administration yourself. We can also link with all your systems (from stock and checkout systems to your payroll) or you can use our standard administration solution. You can choose which operating concept suits your business!

Operating concepts


Fully online administration and VAT declaration services without a permanent contact person. Competitively-priced subscription, which can be supplemented with add-ons.


Automated online administration and a clear dashboard. Your permanent contact person is happy to help you with relevant, proactive advice.


Close collaboration with a permanent financial sparring partner and tailored administration. Supported by a permanent team of specialists.

Accountant for smes in the Drechtsteden

Moore DRV is the accountant for SME business owners in and around the Drechtsteden. Your accountant in Sliedrecht is familiar with your region and is aware of current developments. For that reason, we are happy to take care of all work activities within your organisation that you do not have the knowledge or time for yourself. Since every business is unique, we work with customised solutions.


A committed accountant in Sliedrecht

Your advisor or accountant in Sliedrecht is involved in the Drechtsteden region. Our accountants not only work in Sliedrecht – they also live in the area as well. Our accounting office in Sliedrecht sponsors various local initiatives. For several years now, Moore DRV has also been the main sponsor of V.V. Sliedrecht football team. We know exactly what is going on in the area and we can advise you on a local level.


Want to work for an accounting office in sliedrecht?

We are always looking for new ambitious colleagues for our accounting office in Sliedrecht, in both preparing financial statements and audit practice. From assistants to experienced accountants: we are happy to welcome new talented employees. As an accountant or advisor, we challenge you to continue developing and growing. You will have plenty of training and coaching opportunities. We also encourage a good work-life balance so that, alongside your work, you have time for other fun things and sports. Will you be our new accountant in Sliedrecht?

More information

Have questions about our services or a specific question for one of our advisors or accountants in Sliedrecht? Leave your details in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Mariëlle Spuijbroek LL.M. RB

Partner and tax advisor

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Moore DRV
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