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The IT sector in the Netherlands is characterised by its small scale: it is predominantly comprised of SMEs with ten or fewer employees. Software advisors and IT businesses benefit from developments in IT security, cloud computing and the internet of things. Although the sector is cyclical, finding and keeping good professionals is a major challenge within the sector. Moore DRV offers you coaching and advice on staffing, in addition to help with administration and tax matters. We also help you gain better (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.

What Moore DRV offers as an IT accountant

  • We are aware of current developments in the IT sector and within your business, so we can give you targeted advice and spar with you.
  • By automating your administration, we help you gain more (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.
  • We help you with your tax matters and ensure you benefit from tax and subsidy opportunities for your IT business.
  • We can supervise you in making strategic decisions within your ever-changing sector.

Financial issues in IT

Artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT) and edge computing: just a few examples of the many IT areas in which developments are occurring in rapid succession. In order to stand out in this rapidly evolving market, you need to make well-informed decisions. You can only do this if you have the right management information at your disposal. With Pro, we ensure that all data relevant to your administration is processed quickly, efficiently and correctly. This saves you a lot of time and transforms data into reliable, up-to-date information (‘trusted data’).

We gather this information in a clear, customised dashboard. We offer support in making operational and strategic decisions based on your figures and using a benchmark of your sector. In so doing, we convert trends into realistic prognoses, provide information about the current situation and offer practical, useful advice.


Tax benefits and subsidy opportunities for your IT business

Tax benefits and subsidy opportunities are always an appealing prospect. That is why our tax specialists closely monitor your IT business in order to organise your individual situation as well as possible from a tax perspective. How do you use tax facilities such as the small projects investment credit (KIA) for your investments in business assets (such as laptops, tablets and telephones)? How do you deal with the additional tax liability of your lease cars? Which tax-free bonuses can you award your staff under the work-related costs scheme? We are also happy to help you benefit from subsidy and financing opportunities offered by the government, such as the MIT scheme or wage subsidies.


Selecting the right candidate

Nowadays, a good IT professional is worth their weight in gold. How do you find good staff? And, even more importantly: how do you retain them? They are showered with offers and actively approached by headhunters to work on challenging projects. Moore DRV offers you coaching and advice on staffing, in addition to help with administration and tax matters. How do you create an innovative working environment, how do you develop talent, which career opportunities do you offer and how do you provide positive coaching?


Support with strategic decisions, financing and acquisitions

Drastic changes and rapid developments require well-informed strategic decisions. There is increasing integration in the chain, for example. Software developers are looking for collaboration with the client so that they can fulfil the client’s wishes more effectively. However, developments within your own business are also important: how do you deal with the growing pains that many IT businesses experience, for example? Our advisors will support you in realising changes that significantly, structurally and sustainably improve performance.

Collaboration within IT is becoming increasingly commonplace. Our corporate finance advisors are specialised in finding the right match between businesses. We guide the acquisition process from beginning to end, from valuation to negotiations. We can also support you in establishing your financing requirements and finding the right financier.

Support for entrepreneurs in IT

For more information about the value that Moore DRV can add for your IT business, leave your contact details here and we will contact you without obligation.

Patrick Hausen RA

Partner and auditor

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