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Since the industrial sector in the Netherlands is diverse, we also have a diverse range of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs in the petrochemical industry to entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry. Despite increasing consumer spending, the increase in international competition means that Dutch industrial entrepreneurs need to continue innovating, organise processes as efficiently as possible and invest. That is why you need a good accountant who understands the industrial sector, who you can spar with and who helps you gain more (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.

What Moore DRV offers as an industry accountant

  • We are aware of current developments in the industrial sector and within your business, so we can give you targeted advice and spar with you.
  • By automating your administration, we help you gain more (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.
  • We help you with your tax matters and ensure you benefit from tax and subsidy opportunities for your industrial business.
  • We help you obtain financing and make the right strategic decisions.

Financial issues in industry & production

Fierce competition can create uncertainty about the survival of your business. How do you identify the risks? How do you find out about opportunities? And how do you finance your plans? This requires adequate management information and up-to-date information about your liquidity, advice on deploying flexible staff and support with obtaining financing, for example. With Pro, we ensure that all data relevant to your administration is processed quickly, efficiently and correctly. This saves you a lot of time and transforms data into reliable, up-to-date information.

We gather this information in a clear, customised dashboard. That way, you are kept up to date with developments and you can make adjustments straight away if necessary. We offer support in making operational and strategic decisions based on your figures and using a benchmark of your sector. In so doing, we convert trends into realistic prognoses, provide information about the current situation and offer practical, useful advice.


VAT and tax benefits

Tax benefits are always an appealing prospect. What are the tax rules if you import or export goods, for example? Which aspects do you need to bear in mind if you move production abroad? Or could you make smart use of the Innovation Box for your innovations in order to save costs? Our tax specialists closely monitor business owners in order to organise individual situations as well as possible from a tax perspective on both a domestic and international level. Since we are affiliated with the international Moore network, we can fully support business owners with cross-border activities.


Accountant industrie & productie


Selecting the right candidate

Good professionals are hard to find. How do you find and retain good staff? Which expertise and personal characteristics are required? And how do you develop talent? In addition to help with administration and tax matters, Moore DRV offers you coaching and advice on secondment and staffing, for example.


Help with strategic decisions and financing

Robotics enables increasingly efficient production and the demand for additional services in the form of a service model is growing. This requires well-informed strategic decisions in order to make the right investments. Your accountant can spar with you about these issues based on developments in your figures and those in the industrial sector.

We also help you apply for financing. Obtaining a loan from the bank is often difficult, and as a result, distinctive and innovative ideas do not get off the ground. But there may be other sources you can tap into in order to finance your innovative plans. Financing often consists of several sources, each with their own rules. Applications are therefore complex and time consuming. We are here to help business owners investigate the options and successfully apply for financing.

IT Consultancy Timmermans

What our clients say

"Automation is the future. We need to be even smarter in the way we work in order to keep up with demand. That’s why Moore DRV developed a customised dashboard for us, so that all financial information and HR information can be processed in just one system. As everything is now directly linked to the bank and the payroll records, many transactions have been automated. This saves us a great deal of time and allows us to obtain much more insight from our figures. "

Arjan Timmermans - Timmermans Verspaningstechniek

Support for entrepreneurs in industry and production

For more information about the value that Moore DRV can add for you in industry and production, leave your contact details here and we will contact you without obligation.

Loek Vergeer MSc RA

Partner and auditor

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