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Accountant for arable farming, livestock farming, greenhouse horticulture and fishing

As a business owner in the agricultural sector, you face many challenges. Land is scarce, for example, and rising land prices make it difficult to get your plans financed by the bank. That is why farmers often look for alternative forms of financing, such as investment companies. Transferring your business can also be difficult, because your successor may not be your son or daughter. That is why you need a good accountant who understands the agricultural sector, who you can spar with and who helps you gain more (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.

What Moore DRV offers as an agricultural accountant

  • We are aware of developments in the agricultural sector and within your business and we can spar with you and provide specific advice.
  • By automating your administration, we help you gain more (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.
  • We help you with your tax matters and ensure you benefit from tax and subsidy opportunities for your agricultural business.
  • We help you obtain financing and support you with your gradual, smooth business transfer.

Financial issues in the agricultural sector

As a business owner, you want to shape your own course. In order to make the right decisions, it is important that you have the right information available. We will organise your financial administration efficiently, so that you have 24/7 access to information about your current business operations. Do you have enough scope to realise your plans? What is the liquidity and profitability of your agricultural business? Pro gives you the information you need to formulate a well-informed plan for your business operations.


The agricultural sector group knows your sector

The agricultural sector has various subsectors, which face many different challenges. With twelve branches in the southwest of the Netherlands, Moore DRV has specialist knowledge of the various areas. With its roots in Zeeland, Moore DRV has many clients in the fishing and mussel sector, as well as in arable farming and fruit growing, while our accountants in Westland specialise in greenhouse horticulture. Moore DRV has combined all of this specialist knowledge of the agricultural sector into one agricultural sector group.


VAT and tax benefits for agricultural business owners

You do not want to miss out on fiscal benefit opportunities. However, it is also important to remain aware of the rules that apply. Which VAT rate can you apply to agricultural products? And what about exporting agricultural products? Our advisors keep you up to date with the latest laws and regulations and identify opportunities for you on both a domestic and international level. Since we are affiliated with the international Moore network, we can fully support business owners with cross-border activities.


Subsidy opportunities

There are also a number of specific tax and subsidy schemes that can save you money. If you have asbestos roofs that you want to replace or you want to make energy-saving investments, for example you may be eligible for an appealing scheme. Our subsidy advisors will explore the opportunities for you and whether you meet the conditions.


Acquisitions within the agricultural sector

The transfer of an agricultural business is often difficult due to the high market value of the business. Therefore, in order to make the business fundable, a different value is often used that still enables a barely profitable exploitation. Consider the lease value, which is considerably lower and gives direction in this respect. However, if the acquisition occurs within the family, this poses a problem for the other beneficiaries. Mutual relationships come under pressure and it can become difficult to maintain the business. Moore DRV has corporate finance advisors who are specialised in supervising acquisition processes. They can also provide support in finding the right acquisition party if no successor can be found within the family.

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What our clients say

"With 35 employees and a considerable production capacity, we now have to organise more and more things digitally. Moore DRV helps us with this by further automating and linking the administration. As well as saving us a lot of time, this also provides us with better information. We now know what each location and crop yields and costs. This enables us to calculate the cost price more accurately and make better strategic decisions, for example when moving a number of business units to our new location."

Zülküf Yilmaz - Yilmaz Radijs

Support for agricultural entrepreneurs

For more information about the value that Moore DRV can add for your agricultural business, leave your contact details here and we will contact you without obligation.

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Partner and accountant

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