The 100-year-old Moore DRV achieved a turnover of €64.4 million in 2021, which is 2.3% more than in 2020. That’s a modest growth in turnover, but investments in people, quality and automation have made Moore DRV better and more relevant, writes CEO Michael Bick in his foreword to the Annual Report 2021. The growth in consultancy services and employee satisfaction support this. 

 In 2021, Moore DRV managed to maintain the number of staff at over 600. Growth was desirable in order to exploit the market potential. Moore DRV, however, has deliberately held back on the grounds of quality assurance and workload. Considerable investments were again made in automation in order to reduce routine work and create space for consultancy. Space was also needed in order to support clients during the coronavirus pandemic. Moore DRV also saw an increase in services provided by specialist HR consultants and tax consultants. Crossminds (mergers & acquisitions, strategy formation and implementation) also grew strongly and had its best year yet. Participation in Your Trust Netherlands B.V. was transferred to the management in 2021, which had a dampening effect on net turnover. 

 For the time being, the outlook for 2022 is good. Investments in strategic human resource development, specialised services and automation continue unabated, as does employee recruitment.  

Note: The annual report below is only available in Dutch


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Manager marketing en communicatie Mariëlle Meulensteen

Mariëlle Meulensteen

Manager marketing & communicatie