The past few years seem to have been a constant flow of exceptions. Since 2020, we have experienced a succession of Covid outbreaks. The war in Ukraine is also having a major impact on people, societies and the global economy. These events are affecting our clients and our organisation. As a company, we are dealing with this impact well. We are constantly improving and becoming more relevant for our clients, and that is reflected in the market. We are following this path by continuing to invest in our people, quality and wide range of services.

In order to increase job satisfaction and partially alleviate the effects of labour shortages, we are continuing to develop automation. In doing so, we are reducing routine work and making processes smarter and simpler. The culture scan showed us that measures to reduce work pressure do have an effect. We have a high overall satisfaction score of 7.71, which is good. However, I find it more difficult to assess the impact of the past few years – which have been extraordinary – on myself and our people, the way we work together and how we add meaning to our work. We seem to be searching for what is really relevant to us as individuals. This affects our work-life balance and the amount of time we spend working at home and at the office.

Work connects people. If we are there for each other, emphasise each other’s strengths and help each other in areas of development, we will grow both as people and professionals. And that creates job satisfaction. Helping each other underpins the interview cycle that was introduced in 2021. Mentors were also trained to identify their mentees’ expectations more effectively and support them with their personal development and wellbeing in a more active way. Groups have also started up the highly-rated development programmes again, which provide training for a new generation of leaders.

If we are there for each other, emphasise each other’s strengths and help each other in areas of development, we will grow both as people and professionals.

Moreover, as an organisation, we made a conscious decision to achieve limited growth in turnover in 2021. We saw staff shortages increase, while clients needed extra support due to the coronavirus pandemic. We were also apprehensive about the potential impact of the pandemic on the perceived workload. Workload significantly affects quality and our people’s wellbeing. On balance, we achieved 2.3% growth, bringing the turnover to €64.4 million. Growth in consulting, audit and assurance and Crossminds particularly contributed to that. Our growth in consulting can be partly explained by investments in automating processes, both at our company and among clients, which created a need for consulting. The team that deals with the implementation of IT applications is therefore expanding. In addition, more entrepreneurs in the real economy needed expertise in the sub-areas of taxation, HRM support and international services. These types of services were expanded during 2021 and early 2022. We also joined the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers in 2021 for further development of tax consultancy.

On reflection, 2021 was a year in which we experienced considerable development in various fields, and we will continue that development in 2022.

2022 is a special year for us, as we are celebrating our 100th anniversary. Thinking back over the past 100 years, we notice that our DNA from 1922 is still largely present now. We’re committed, accessible and reliable, we have an entrepreneurial spirit and we’re moving into the future: a future in which we want to improve and become more relevant for both our people and our clients. For that reason, Moore was added to our name as of 15 January 2022. Moore DRV immediately clarifies the importance of our international services, which are relevant to an ever-growing group of entrepreneurs in the real economy and for retaining and attracting good professionals. At Moore DRV, we want to continue to deliver on our promises: Moore DRV. I’m convinced that we’re quietly one of the best firms in the Netherlands, and we feel pride in our people and our organisation. I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this transparent, highly informative report and understand my pride.

Michael Bick
Chairman of the Board


Note: The annual report below is only available in Dutch

Written by:

Voorzitter accountantskantoor Moore DRV Michael Bick

Michael Bick RA

Chairman of the board, partner and auditor