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As a business in the real economy, you want your accountant to provide reliable guidance and support in all financial matters, whether you operate locally or across borders. In an increasingly global business environment, our specialists are there to help family businesses and SMEs see through the maze of rules and regulations, and lead them towards international success. Where needed, they can draw upon the expert knowledge of their fellow professionals in the Moore Global international network or partner up with them in a more general context to provide excellent client services.

To help you thrive in a changing world.

"When you work with Moore firms, you’ll work with people who care deeply about your success and who have the drive and dedication to deliver results for you and your business. You’ll have greater access to senior expertise than with many firms. We’ll be here for you whenever you need us – to help you see through the maze of information, to guide you in your decisions and to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity. To help you thrive in a changing world."

Chairman of the Board Anton Collela - Moore Global

Large global network

Moore DRV is affiliated with Moore Global Network Limited, the parent company of an international network of independent accounting and advisory firms. Moore Global’s 240 member firms have over 540 offices across more than 110 countries. At Moore Global, we aim to provide the best professional accountancy and advisory services to help businesses navigate new markets wherever their work might take them. We will tap into the knowledge of our fellow experts across the world if we feel this will benefit our clients. We have also joined our forces in multiple other areas to achieve service excellence. One example of our knowledge-pooling is our unique ESG Framework, a methodology that combines a hands-on approach to ESG with helpful sector insights. Read on to find out more about our internationally oriented services.


Leading role in network

Our specialists are very active in the global network. Moore DRV is among the larger firms in the network, especially in Europe. That is why we have a seat on the European Regional Council and on the Global Board. The Moore Global network has effectively been divided into six regions. By way of the Regional Council, the firms in a particular region have a say in what they feel are important local developments. The Global Board is the network’s highest governing body. It has 12 members who represent the different Regional Councils. This is to ensure that all key markets have the opportunity to be heard and to provide input. Michael Bick, our Chairman, and the Chairman of the French firm are on the Global Board to represent the interests of the European member firms.


Access to international expertise

Because we are a member of the Moore Global network, we have access to a wealth of international expertise. By working with partners across the world, we learn from each other, we gain inspiration and we create better propositions for our clients. With some 30,000 colleagues across the globe, we can call in experts from a specific country or region if a project calls for unique local input. This is particularly useful for engagements outside the European Union where the rules will vary from country to country. The firms in the Moore Global network team up frequently to provide the following services in an international context:

International tax services

We can help you comply with all the rules and treaties provisions that govern international business. We can also assist in setting up an appropriate and efficient international structure for your business and help you fulfil your foreign VAT obligations. And we are there to help with transfer pricing solutions so that you meet your documentation and other requirements when distributing your profits across countries.

Global mobility

Managing employees across borders comes with a number of challenges and practical aspects that will inevitably have to be addressed. We can help you resolve practical issues associated with your cross-border people strategy, such as work and residence permits, and social security and employment law aspects. Other areas we can advise you on include taxation, expatriate facilities such as the 30% ruling and a salary split.


Sustainability and corporate social responsibility present major challenges for businesses in the real economy. With our unique ESG Framework, we help organisations reach their ESG goals. The ESG Framework is informed by the international expertise that is available in the Moore Global network. This has resulted in a methodology that combines a hands-on approach with useful facts and insights about a wide variety of sectors, allowing us to benchmark your particular situation against that of your sector peers. Benchmarking by sector is critical given that every sector faces different corporate sustainability opportunities and challenges.

M&A and funding

Our specialist corporate finance team has extensive expertise and can rely on a large national and international network. Moore Corporate Finance is an international network of ten quality corporate finance firms that help businesses make sense of complex processes and actively steer clients through their corporate finance journey. The professionals of Moore Corporate Finance are objectively critical and they are apt at reading situations and people. Our experts would be happy to provide international support, whether you are buying or selling a business, want to have a due diligence or a business valuation performed, are looking for funding or want them to review your funding options.

Working together within a big international network

Moore DRV is a member of an international network of independent accounting and tax consulting firms, Moore Global Network Limited. Moore Global operates in over 110 countries worldwide. The 240 member organizations collectively have more than 540 offices. Our goal within Moore Global is to relieve companies of all their worries when doing business across national borders. If necessary, we make use of the knowledge of experts from other countries.

Moore Global in numbers

540 offices
110 countries
240 member organizations
30.000 collegues
We also work together in many areas to achieve better service together. For example, by combining our knowledge to jointly develop a framework for ESG. This not only leads to a practical approach to ESG, but also valuable insights per various sectors. Further down this page, we tell you more about our various types of services with an international character.