Exact Online Wholesale Distribution

Doing business with Exact Online

As well as Online Accounting, this software includes automated processes for purchasing, sales, invoicing, returns, inventory management for one or more warehouses, assembly, sales forecasts and advanced material planning. You can easily start with Wholesale Basic and then upgrade seamlessly to Advanced or Premium. Exact Online Wholesale Distribution is the number-one cloud-based solution for trading companies in the Netherlands.

What are the benefits for you?

  • By integrating order and inventory management with your bookkeeping and CRM systems, you work more efficiently, save time and gain real-time insight into the entire business chain.
  • Achieve optimum inventory levels by using drop shipping, multiple warehouses and locations, order-time setting and maximum inventory levels. If you have a webshop or a scanning solution, you can link to them for a complete picture.
  • With direct access to crucial information such as stock positions, cash flow, margins and delivery times, including warnings and action points, you can respond effectively to customer wishes and so improve your service and their satisfaction.

Looking for the right start with Exact Online Wholesale Distribution?

We are happy to help you with:

  • All your questions.
  • The right subscription for your wishes and needs.
  • The right configuration of the Exact Online environment for your activities.
  • Guidance with quotes, sales orders, deliveries, invoicing and ordering processes, price lists and stock management.
  • Compiling or importing data (conversion) from other systems, such as general ledger accounts, journals, debtors, creditors, payment conditions, an opening balance, product groups, products, stocks, etc.
  • Creating layouts for quotes, sales orders, invoices, packing slips, sales invoices, orders, reminders, etc.
  • Setting up banking links.
  • Advice on integration (links) with other programs or applications, such as webshops, e-marketing solutions, warehouse management scanning applications, business intelligence software with dashboards, etc.
  • Creating links with other programs or applications.
  • Creating users and rights.
  • Compiling manuals and offering staff guidance and training, always with a focus on your business processes, products and services.

More information?

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Member of the board, partner and accountant
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