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Doing business in foreign countries offers lots of opportunities and possibilities for you as an entrepreneur in the real economy. That also holds true for the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is an ideal location for doing business or starting a company. Not all the rules are the same, however, so you must be well prepared as you commence your activities there.

Along with Belgium and Germany, the United Kingdom is one of the Netherlands’ biggest trading partners. There’s a lot of investment by companies in both countries. You also don’t have to worry much about language barriers, and you can easily travel back and forth by plane, by boat or by train (through the Chunnel).


What’s the Brexit all about?

One question about doing business in the United Kingdom has very much been on the minds of many small and medium sized companies recently: what’s the Brexit all about? The Brexit has resulted in all sorts of developments in the United Kingdom, and the prospects for the future are not clear yet. The prevailing uncertainty will not be dispelled until the final agreements have been made with the EU on the consequences of the Brexit. Yet, with the right support, your business plans can definitely be and remain feasible. In cooperation with our British colleagues from our Moore network, we’re keeping track of the latest legislation for you.


Questions about doing business in the United Kingdom

Below, we’ve set out several questions which we’re often asked about doing business in the United Kingdom:

  • What’s the most advantageous international structure for my company?
  • With which legal form(s) for my company can I operate my business in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands the best?
  • In which country will I / my business / my employees owe taxes? And from which point in time?
  • Which taxes must be paid then?
  • What are the VAT rules for businesses operating internationally?
  • Will my business be considered to have a ‘fixed establishment’ in another country if I set up new activities there?
  • Which registration requirements need to be complied with?
  • What are the social security consequences for me or my employees? Can I keep my current health insurance?
  • Where do I pay taxes if I receive my Dutch state pension and/or private Dutch pension in a foreign country?
  • Where do I pay taxes on my employment termination benefit if I’ve worked in multiple countries?
  • What are the biggest differences between successfully operating a business in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom? What are the do’s and don’ts?
  • What are the English practices and customs in the business world? What’s English corporate culture like?
  • What are the consequences if I immigrate to the United Kingdom or migrate back to the Netherlands?
  • How can I transfer my wealth to my future heirs in a favourable tax manner (through inter vivos gifts or through inheritance)?


International cooperation

We are a member of Moore Global, an international network of independent accountancy and tax advice firms. Moore Global is active in more than 110 countries across the world. The 300 affiliated organizations together have more than 610 offices. Our goal is to completely eliminate your worries about doing business across borders, so, if necessary, we rely on the knowledge of experts from other countries.

Through such cooperation at the local level, we can assist you with the knowledge and expertise you need in a targeted fashion. We not only help you to comply with the legal formalities, but also advise you on tax optimization and tax planning.

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