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The wholesale sector is one of the largest sectors in the Netherlands and forms an important link in the economy. International trade is very important to the wholesale sector. It is a competitive market in which distinctiveness and added value are increasingly important. Selling sustainable products, and transparent and efficient business operations can be important distinguishing factors. That is why you need a good accountant who understands the wholesale sector, who you can spar with and who helps you gain more (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.

Our strategy

  • We are aware of current developments in the wholesale sector and within your business, so we can give you targeted advice and spar with you.
  • By automating your administration, we help you gain more (financial) information about your business and save time on your administration.
  • We help you with your tax matters and ensure you benefit from tax and subsidy opportunities for your wholesale business.
  • We can supervise you in making strategic decisions within your ever-changing sector.

Information about your financial situation

In order to stand out in the wholesale sector, it is important that you make well-informed decisions. Through Pro, we ensure that all relevant data is processed quickly, efficiently and correctly in your records. We also set up a customised dashboard containing all the business information you want to use in order to manage your business. Based on your figures and those of the sector, we offer support in making operational and strategic decisions. In so doing, we convert trends into realistic prognoses, provide information about the current situation and offer practical advice.


VAT and tax benefits

Are you aware of the tax rules for the wholesale sector? And on which items could you make cost savings? Our tax specialists assess your individual situation and fiscal opportunities to reduce your tax burden on both a domestic and international level. Since we are affiliated with the international Moore network, we can fully support business owners with cross-border activities. In addition, we will explore whether there are any subsidy opportunities for you. If you wish, we can even take care of the entire application process for you.


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Help with strategic decisions

Is your organisation fulfilling its potential? Or are you missing opportunities, and is your organisation currently undergoing a process of change? Our advisors will support you in realising changes that significantly and structurally improve performance. We are also happy to help you make strategic decisions. It could be about applying for financing or selling your business. These financially complex processes often have an emotional aspect as well. Our corporate finance advisors are here to supervise and advise you in valuing and financing business operations.


Optimising your HR policy

Your staff is key to the success of your business. We will be happy to help you deploy your staff as best as possible and, if you wish, take care of part or all of your payroll and staff administration. We offer a wide variety of services, which can range from training your employees to drawing up an HR policy and assessment system. You can also rely on our specialists’ expertise covering a wide range of areas for more complex staffing issues.

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What our clients say

"Moore DRV has set up my accounting records in a way that makes it easy for me to extract important information. I can see how much I'm spending on staff - in terms of both time and money - and how that compares to the amount of fish we're selling, simply by looking at a dashboard. I can access this information at any time of the day, so I always know where I stand and can make adjustments in time. Every month, my advisor and I look at matters in more depth so I have an even better handle on what can be improved. And this is how Moore DRV helps me to keep things running smoothly as a business owner. "

Barry Murre - Owner Murko Seafood and Fish XL

Support for entrepreneurs in the wholesale sector

For more information about the value that Moore DRV can add for your wholesale business, leave your contact details here and we will contact you without obligation.

Guus van Eijck RA

Partner and auditor

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