Starting your business

Tax Advice

When you start a business, the first choice you need to make is the legal form. Sole trader? Partnership? Limited company? Together with you we will examine the pros and cons of the various forms of business, so you can decide which best suits your future activities from a taxation perspective. We will make the necessary tax arrangements. And we will hold discussions with the Tax Administration and other organisations to look after your interests.

Starting a business

When you know what form of business you need, there will be other matters to deal with:

  • You will invest in business assets. When is the best time to invest to make optimum use of investment allowances, for example?
  • If you invest in environmentally-friendly or energy-efficient business assets, you may be able to take advantage of increased investment allowances. These investments must be reported to the authorities within a specific time. We will ensure that you meet the deadlines.
  • What VAT rates does your business have to charge and what VAT rules does the Tax Administration apply? Your advisor will guide you through this sometimes complex area.
  • You want your partner or children to work in the business. We will examine the possibilities with you.
  • Your business is engaged in innovation. That means you may be entitled to innovation subsidies or you can use the ‘Innovation Box’. Our innovation specialists will keep you informed of the possibilities and opportunities.


From tax advice to business strategy

We will also make sure the Tax Administration receives your VAT, payroll tax, income tax and corporation tax returns on time. Your financial advisor will ensure that your business receives optimum support across the board. If necessary, we will call in the right specialists to help you, such as:

  • VAT specialist
  • Payroll tax specialist
  • Funding advisor

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Mariëlle Spuijbroek LL.M. RB

Partner and tax advisor
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