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Do your employees pose a security risk?

Phishing has an increasing impact on organisations and is becoming more and more common. It all starts with a fraudulent email which, at first glance, does look reliable. Users are manipulated into sharing confidential data, usually through fake websites. Malware is sometimes downloaded to the user’s computer (and network). That is why it is sensible to raise awareness through online training, for example. This makes your employees more resilient against phishing emails and improves your organisation’s IT security.

Awareness campaigns through phishing mails

Our awareness campaigns simulate email attacks in order to increase employee resilience. In addition, we automatically recommend personalised training for each employee based on their own behaviour. Statistics provide you with information, which forms the basis for further security measures and your business development.

The analysis is carried out without posing a risk to users and your IT systems. Only emails and websites are used for the simulation, and a range of templates with emails from Google, Office 365 and LinkedIn are available as standard. Alternatively, we can create customised emails in your organisation’s corporate design. We set up your email campaigns and provide recommendations based on detailed reports in order to improve internal security. We do this by raising awareness and educating employees.


Partnership with Holm Security

We collaborate with Holm Security in order to offer you this service. They help organisations detect vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure and among employees. This way, organisations can better protect themselves against hackers. Through comprehensive, targeted scans and phishing campaigns, and based on expert advice from specialists, you can drastically improve the security of your business.


Process and rates

The process consists of four campaigns per year:

  • The first campaign serves as a baseline to test the current status.
  • The second and third campaigns are used to raise awareness and compare with the first and second campaigns.
  • The fourth campaign is used to conclude and measure the effect of the previous campaigns. The effect should be positive as your employees have now been trained to recognise phishing mails. In the long run, only follow-up mailings will be necessary in order to refresh your employees’ memory or train new employees.

You also gain information about the results through online reports and we provide you with advice. You can expand this process with a vulnerability scan of your IT environment.

Number4 x per year: Phishing campaign including online training, reports and consultation
up to 100 users€ 1.149
up to 250 users€ 1.749
250+customised, prices on request


Special offer: 6 vulnerability scans, 4 phishing campaigns with online training and 2 consultations

Number6 x per year: Vulnerability scan
4 x per year: Phishing campaign with online training
2 x per year: Evaluation & Advice
up to 100 IP addresses/5 web applications/100 users€ 1.799
€ 499 discount
up to 250 IP addresses/10 web applications/250 users€ 2.999
€ 749 discount
250+customised, prices negotiable

More information?

For more information about IT security and the risks posed by phishing, please contact one of our advisors.

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