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Collse Hoefdijk 16
5674 VK Nuenen

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P.O. Box 591
5140 AN Waalwijk

Your accounting firm in the Eindhoven area

Our accountants and advisers are based in 14 offices in the south-southwestern corner of the Netherlands. One of these offices is located in Nuenen, near Eindhoven. This office is home to a branch of former accounting firm Trivent, which joined Moore DRV in April 2023. The people at the Nuenen office are known for their personal approach and their engagement with clients, and they have broad expertise in providing advisory services to businesses.


How can our Nuenen office help you?

Our aim is to help you, a business owner in the real economy, to achieve your professional and personal ambitions. Our Nuenen-based accountants focus on you and your business by offering helpful perspectives and targeted advice. At Nuenen, our core business is compiling and auditing financial statements, keeping your records or payroll accounts, and preparing your tax returns.
In addition to accounting and tax services, our advisers offer a wide range of expertise that will help you move forward at a particular time or in a specific situation, for instance when you are considering acquiring a business, you are applying for a subsidy or grant, you want to improve your business performance or rationalise your workforce, or when you require asset planning services. Whatever your question, your Nuenen accountants will be happy to answer it for you.


Tailor-made services for local SMEs

We provide accounting and tax services to a great many organisations, ranging from sole traders to large family businesses. Our track record dates back to more than 100 years and we have had a portfolio of happy clients ever since, which you are more than welcome to join. We typically provide tailor-made services. This is how we make sure to address every issue you may run into. It also allows us to serve as your personal sparring partner whenever you need us. But, if you want, you can still keep all or some of your own accounts. We can also create interfaces with all your systems (from stock and checkout systems to your payroll records) or you can use our standard accounting solution. You decide whatever suits your business best.

Operating concepts


Fully online administration and VAT declaration services without a permanent contact person. Competitively-priced subscription, which can be supplemented with add-ons.


Automated online administration and a clear dashboard. Your permanent contact person is happy to help you with relevant, proactive advice.


Close collaboration with a permanent financial sparring partner and tailored administration. Supported by a permanent team of specialists.

Track record as accountants in Eindhoven area

Our accountants and advisers are thoroughly familiar with the area where they live and work. The experience of our accountants in the Eindhoven area dates back to 1923 when Moore DRV was founded. Now that Trivent has joined Moore DRV, the high quality of its service provision continues to be guaranteed. Our Nuenen-based accountants provide local advisory services, while drawing on the expertise and broad professional experience of the Moore DRV network.


Want to join an Eindhoven area accounting firm?

If you are a talented professional with a passion for accountancy, Moore DRV would love to hear from you. We are always interested in getting to know ambitious people, from assistants to managers in the compilation and audit practices, who might want to join our team. At our Nuenen office, we challenge you to reach your full potential as an adviser or accountant. To help you boost your career, we offer a broad range of opportunities for training, development and advancement.

More information

Have questions about our services or a specific question for one of our accountants or advisors in Nuenen? Leave your details in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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